Lauren Sauder

Lauren Sauder

Lauren Sauder

Capacity Building Projects Manager

Maryland Office


(443) 949 0575

Lauren grew up just within reach of the Susquehanna River. She spent many summers by the water inspired by the wonders of the landscape. Hoping to share her experience with others, she attended college in Philadelphia to study Fine Arts. While attending school, her work and research focused on natural landscapes.

Post graduation, Lauren became increasingly interested in environmental science. She began foraging for natural earth pigments that she mulled into watercolor paint to use a medium in her studio. This process brought her even closer to the landscape, experiencing it from new perspectives. Hoping to protect the environments so close to her, Lauren spent her free time volunteering for environmental non-profits throughout the Maryland region.

Lauren joined the Alliance team in 2019 and is the Stewardship Coordinator. She assists the development team to nurture donor relationships and provides support to our Chief Executive Officer. Lauren lives in Annapolis and enjoys hiking in her spare time. She travels often, visiting the National Parks, the mountains, and the beaches. When she’s not outside, she loves exploring new restaurants.