The Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) is comprised of elected officials from around the Chesapeake Bay watershed region who advise the Chesapeake Executive Council, or the governors of the six watershed states, the mayor of the District of Columbia, the chair of the Chesapeake Bay Commission and the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, on ways to engage and support local decision-makers.

LGAC Members shared how serving as a Member of the Advisory Committee has shaped their decision-making on behalf of their communities:


Jasmine Gore: LGAC Chair & Councilmember, Ward 4, Virginia

“My understanding of the Chesapeake Bay within my role as a local government leader has expanded greatly. When I first had the honor of joining the LGAC, I did not understand the significance our community played in the well-being of the Chesapeake Bay. Additionally, I was unaware of how everyday behaviors impact water quality, as well as how environmental stewardship affects the quality of life of residents in various ways. I also did not realize how big the “world” of Bay advocates was and how many dedicated, hard-working staff members protect what we oftentimes take for granted. The network and efforts underway demonstrate a long-term commitment to ensure our most vital asset, water, is preserved for future generations.”

Leo Lutz: PA Vice-Chair & Mayor, Columbia Borough

“Working as an LGAC member has allowed me to expand my knowledge on subjects related to clean water, stormwater, and aquatic life, along with other conservation practices in our local waterways that contribute to a healthy Chesapeake Bay.”

Daniel Chao: D.C Vice-Chair & Former ANC Commissioner, Ward 6

“Working with local leaders across the Chesapeake Bay states and learning how they address and solve various water quality and climate challenges enable my ability to make better-informed decisions locally in the District.”

Donna Iannone: PA LGAC delegation & Commissioner, Sullivan County

Donna Iannone: PA LGAC delegation & Commissioner, Sullivan County“I have a much broader understanding of the impact we have on protecting the Chesapeake Bay. I try to share that information whenever possible with my colleagues and it helps in our decision making on funding conservation and environmental projects.”


Phil Briddell: Emeritus Member & Former Commissioner, York Township

“The Bay is always in the forefront of our hearts and pocketbooks, however with the knowledge gained through our LGAC association, a better understanding of the evolving public policy, and an appreciation of what others both in Pennsylvania and the others states & DC are accomplishing, it provides for a much firmer basis of justification and worthiness. It’s a good fight and, ultimately, a good expenditure of both time and resources.”

Patrice Bubar: MD LGAC delegation & Acting Director, Montgomery County

“It is incredibly helpful and powerful to gain insights from others who are dealing with very similar issues that lead towards cleaner water. I have taken a new idea home from every LGAC meeting I have participated in.”

Ann Simonetti: Emeritus Member & Former Councilmember, Marysville Borough

“Visiting other areas provided visual knowledge of the operation of a best management practice put in place. Also, as stormwater fees became popular, we re-learned that educating the residents and businesses of all types is vital to them understanding the necessity of the fee. I garnered ideas from other jurisdictions as to what was feasible, what worked and the opposite, after others tried various methods.”