Al Todd – Frances H. Flanigan Environmental Leadership Award

It was with great pleasure that the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay recognized Al Todd as our 2021 Fran Flanigan Environmental Leadership Award Winner at “The Taste: Celebrate 50 Years” on September 23rd. The Fran Flanigan award is named after our longest-tenured Executive Director of 20 years. Fran Flanigan was a stalwart leader and visionary for the Alliance. Al was honored for his leadership of the Alliance as a previous Executive Director and his continued commitment to a cleaner Chesapeake Bay through many challenging years.

While growing many existing programs at the Alliance, such as the Chesapeake Watershed Forum, Project Clean Stream, Local Government and Citizen Engagement, and Green Infrastructure/Stormwater – Al was instrumental in launching a suite of new efforts. These efforts included the Chesapeake Forests Program, Chesapeake Monitoring Collaborative, Businesses for the Bay, READY, Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership, and the Healthy Streams Farm Stewardship. During his tenure, the organization grew from 16 to over 35 staff and from $2 to over $6 million in the annual budget.

Since leaving the Alliance in 2017, Al has continued to enjoy volunteering his time with various environmental nonprofits in the region. He served on the Board of Trustees of the Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC) since 2017 and as its Chair for several years. The IPC is working to inspire and mobilize communities of all faiths to honor creation and take action to restore and protect the Chesapeake watershed. Al has also led the Green Team at his local church. They built a silver LEED-certified education building, instituted recycling and green energy, reforested 2 acres of lawn, installed rain gardens and pollinator habitats, converted all landscaping to native plants, and hosted film festivals and education forums. Al is also an active member of his local grassroots watershed group, the Cape Conservation Corps.

We were lucky enough to have Al accept his award from our CEO, Kate Fritz in person during our virtual Taste. Thank you, Al, for all your hard work and dedication!



It is wonderful to see Al Todd recognized for his incredible contribution to water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. He has been exemplary in his leadership for education, advocacy and action at the local, state and federal levels in support of water quality here and across the nation. He has been tireless and effective in protecting and enhancing water quality. He demonstrates that in fact - fish DO grown on trees!

Robin Morgan
US Forest Service - retired

Congratulations on this well deserved honor! Your positivity and enthusiasm for this work is an inspiration to so many. Such a blessing to have the opportunity to work with you.

Bonnie Sorak
Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake

I am continually both humbled and amazed by the spirit of generosity and grace that kindles Al's passion for the environment. He has given an incredible amount of time and energy to our church grounds, as well as blessed us with his gifts of music. As a minister, he has positively impacted so many lives at St. Margaret's. I am proud to work with him, and so grateful that he is able to be honored by the Alliance in this way.

Peter Mayer
St. Margaret's Church

Of all the people here, I'll wager that I have benefited the most from Al's knowledge and leadership. You have been a mentor and friend since hiring me in 2001. You were my ticket from a National Forest in the hinterlands of the Cascade Mtns, back to the Chesapeake. (Thanks Al-- its been a great ride!!) I attribute any achievements I have had over the last 20 years to you (any and all problems I own outright). You are a fount of knowledge, energy, and good vibes. I hope you continue to lead, mentor, make music, enjoy the Bay, its people, and its bounty. Cheers to you, Al! Thank you for your service and leadership. Here's to many more years of friendship!!

Sally Clagett

Congratulation Al! So happy you are being recognized for your continued commitment to a cleaner Chesapeake Bay through many challenging years. Your dedication and leadership in the environmental space are appreciated. Thank you for bringing me along for the ride!

Laurie-Anne Sayles
City of Gaithersburg

Al - Thank you for your tireless work for clean water. Congratulations on this well-deserved award! - Laura Cattell Noll

Laura Cattell Noll
Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake

Al, Thank you for all you do to protect the Bay and all that you do for IPC!

-Phillip Chalker

Phillip Chalker
Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake


It's been a pleasure working with you at IPC. You are a steady example of leadership and dedication to the Bay. I could hardly think of someone more worthy of recognition. Congratulations!

Matt Heim

Matthew Heim
Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake

Al, congratulations on an award that is so well-deserved. Your service as Chair of the Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake - where I have the privilege to serve with you - is an example of your outstanding leadership qualities: your impressive intellect, comprehensive environmental experience, positive/unflappable demeanor, good humor and good will toward all. Above all is your integrity, which - with your other characteristics - brought together a diverse group from a variety of religious backgrounds and interests to lead us together to make a difference in protecting and enhancing our shared resource, the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. For this alone you are an exemplary receipient for such an illustrious award. Warmest wishes for your continued leadership in this vital cause!

Sincerely, Bill

William Bierbower
Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust

Congratulations on this incredible honor -- and so well-deserved! I have been so fortunate to have you as a Board Chair, a partner-in-crime, a mentor, and a friend. You are one of the most dedicated and dependable people I know and the Alliance (and IPC!) and countless other organizations and efforts have benefitted from it. So many Chesapeake initiatives you've been involved with have grown, succeeded, and shined because of you. I am so grateful to have been able to work with you and have grown in my own confidence because of the skills and perspective I've learned from you. Thank you for inspiring so many people to be their best selves. Congratulations!


Jodi Rose
Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake

Al’s Love of Creation is in his soul. Every walk we take has constant appreciation of plants, trees, water, soil, and sunsets. Al enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, and he loves to see human hands helping restore creation. From planting trees and picking up trash to influencing laws for water quality - his commitment is heartfelt. Congratulations on the Leadership Award!

Teresa Todd
Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake

An incredibly deserving award to a soul and spirit that knows no boundaries.
Thanks Al for all you have done and continue to do for the Bay, your church and your community. You truly lead by example and serve as an inspiration to all to do good. I am also humbled by your good nature and constant smile. We could all learn from that!!


doug lashley

Congratulations, Al! Thank you for all your work at the Alliance, which enabled us to continue to grow to where we are today! I appreciate your commitment and dedication.

Kate Fritz
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay