Keep it Wild(er): A 5-Year Old With a Mission to Keep the Wild, Wild

My name is Wilder, I am a five-year-old from Monkton, Maryland. I have a unique name and find ways of living up to my name daily. With this, I am one who loves adventuring outside. I have been hiking with my parents since I was born, biking since I could sit on a Strider Bike, and started camping when I was four. I have always loved the outdoors and love being immersed in it. I have loved the outdoors so much that I wanted to create my own business, in 2021 Keep it Wild(er) was created.

With my business, I wanted to share my passion and love for the outdoors. I told my parents while I was at an outdoor recreation store that I wanted to create my own company. With this, I wanted to create a shirt, something that was unique to me and expressed my love for the outdoors. This would become, so far, my first item.

One problem, that amazingly still exists is the trash on the trails. When I hike or camp with my parents we almost always come across some trash. I started carrying trash grabbers on my hikes and a bag to collect trash. As I say when I see trash, “that’s bad.” I decided instead of being frustrated seeing trash on the trail, I would clean it up with my family.

My mission is to help keep the wild, wild, by cleaning up trash in the wild that is harming our environment. Land, water and wildlife are negatively impacted every day by trash and I want to help clean it up.

Keeping with my mission to keep the wild, wild; my family and I are thrilled to partner with Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. A portion of all Keep it Wild(er) merchandise will be donated to this fabulous organization.
(As paraphrased by Wilder’s father)

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