Since 2019, the Alliance has brought communities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC together by hosting the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in all four states on the same night. This spring, the Film Festival will provide warmth, inspire action, and raise hope during a time of growth and rebirth. Learn more about the 12 incredible short films chosen for this year’s festival below!

Alliance Impact Video

Join us as we explore some of the Alliance’s most impactful projects across the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Queen Anne's County, Maryland


Reclaim Your Water: Natasha Smith

Along with her friends at Ebony Beach Club, Natasha is reclaiming waves, introducing others to the ocean, and spreading a love of surfing through her community.

Three people smiling and surfing


Bluebird Sky

The film explores the challenges of making it as farmers, the value of supporting a local food system, and how to approach long-term change.

Two people holding dogs on a farm


Green the City

Explore how efforts come together to help a coal-powered city emerge as an environmental leader.

A person in a mask standing in the foreground, with a city in the background


Mussel Grubbing

Following a citizen scientist’s journey of discovery, the film explores the treasure hunt for freshwater mussels in the upper Sangamon River.

A person in a bathing suit holding a mussel in a river



Soundscape features Erik Weihenmayer, a global adventure athlete and author who is fully blind, as he ascends a massive alpine rock face deep in the Sierra Nevada.

Two people in climbing helmets sitting on top of a mountain/rock face


Brave Girl

Brave Girl is a strong young adventurer who, with the help of her grandpa, is beginning her journey of finding out what it takes to climb mountains.

A young person celebrating with their arms help up on top of a mountain


Like a River

Artist and climber Jeremy Collins describes his passion for three canyons as he creates a new mural that combines them on paper.

A person looking at a map on a drafting table


Attack & Release

Humans have long relied on nature as a source of comfort, and for fly fisher and chef Ranga Perera, the outdoors have been essential to healing from loss.

A side profile of a person standing next to a river with their eyes closed


Bridging Fragments

Urbanization and deforestation are fracturing the wildlife corridors that preserve biodiversity in tropical rainforests, putting many species at risk, including the sloth.

Two people giving a sloth aid


Paddle Tribal Waters

A group of indigenous youth learns to whitewater kayak, hoping to become the first people to paddle a restored river from source to sea.

A person in a red kayak paddling rapids


A Journey Upstream

A story of two seemingly unrelated fish that help us understand the connectivity within our environment and the importance of a healthy Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Two people with their backs turned to the camera looking at the water holding fishing rods

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival brings together incredible selections of films that inform, inspire, and ignite solutions and possibilities to restore the earth and human communities while creating a positive future for the next generation. See award-winning films about nature, community activism, adventure, conservation, water, energy and climate change, wildlife, environmental justice, agriculture, Native American, and indigenous cultures. Join us in Pennsylvania on March 6, 2024, or DC, Maryland, and Virginia on March 7, 2024!

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