The Alliance proudly serves as a project partner for the Virginia Department of Forestry’s (DOF) Riparian Forests for Landowners Program, funded through the USDA Forest Service’s Inflation Reduction Act and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Water Quality Improvement Fund Act. This program covers all expenses related to site preparation, planting, and one year of maintenance for buffers installed under this program.

The Alliance has partnered with Shenandoah Habitats to provide the program in the Potomac River Watershed with a target goal of 31 acres of buffer to be installed. Participation is open to private property owners, including homeowner’s associations and civic leagues, regardless of whether the land is rural, urban, or suburban. Buffers can be established along various natural and manmade water features, extending 35 to 300 feet from the water’s edge. To qualify, properties must have invasive plant species covering less than 20% of the land area, as assessed during an initial site visit. Moreover, landowners must commit to maintaining the buffer as forested for a minimum of 15 years.

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More information can be found on DOF’s website.