Forests for the Bay

One small lily of the valley plant flowering on a forest floor.

Botanical Boogeymen: Unveiling the Dark World of Poisonous Plants

Come with me as we traverse a spooky world of poisons and hallucinogens closer than you might think, just outside your door.

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Close up image of devil tooth fungus on a forest floor with red extracellular fluid droplets sitting on top of the fungus

Its allliiive, Devil Tooth Fungus

Its allliiive! But, not quite like that. I mean, mushrooms don’t have blood right? Well hold your hiking stick, because this spooky mushroom might cause quite the fright if you look down and happen to see it.

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Close up image of ghost pipes with pink coloring growing from the forest floor.

The Ghosts of the forest Floor: Ghost Pipes

The forest floor hosts all kinds of spooky life forms, but have you ever stumbled across something erupting from the forest floor that is more sinister or more haunting than this fungal forest feature?

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In Defense of the Gumball Tree

Those spiky gumball-like seeds can look daunting, like a thousand medieval chain maces ready to strike those who wander too near.

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What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp

Is this the fabled “murder hornet” we keep hearing about? No! This is the eastern cicada killer wasp!

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What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

It’s a bird! It’s a bee! It’s a… moth?! More specifically, it’s a hummingburd clearwing moth.

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A large tree snag in an open field.

Dead Tree? Sounds Good To Me

Picture yourself immersed in a forest for a few seconds. Something that might be missing from your mental image, but is a significant piece of a forest ecosystem, is a snag.

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Voles: The Tree Planter’s Worst (and Cutest) Enemy

Voles might look small, adorable, and innocent, but they can wreak immense havoc on newly planted forests.

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What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Elderberry

What are those explosions of white flowers in our floodplains?

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Resource Recap: Tree Stewards Training

This past month, the Alliance’s Forests team hosted another Tree Stewards training in partnership with the Delaware Forest Service. Designed as a four-part training series, Tree Stewards is a project spearheaded by the Alliance, but it would not be possible without support from our committed local partners.

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