About Rebecca Lauver

Rebecca is one of the Alliance’s current Chesapeake Conservation Corps Members. As a Lancaster native and recent Messiah College graduate, Rebecca is excited to support the Alliance's Pennsylvania team with riparian buffer maintenance, monitoring, and planting.

America Recycles Day Reminds Us to Reduce & Reuse First

There is increasing general awareness that plastics cause problems. We see them clogging our waterways, swirling around in the ocean, and even entering digestive systems of humans and other animals. We are told to recycle, that recycling eliminates the problem, and once a piece of plastic leaves our hand and falls into the recycling bin,

  • Photo of the fungus, Dead Man's Fingers (Xylaria polymorpha)

Carnivorous Plants of the Chesapeake Bay

For some, fall weather and thoughts of Halloween bring to mind spooky decorations. Often those decorations include sticky spider webs and bubbling cauldrons of unknown substances. But did you know that our plant world has its own spooky substances? In fact, various types of carnivorous plants lurk within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Like spider webs,