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A pair of mounted passenger pigeons are frozen in time at the Royal Ontario Museum (Photo credit:

An Empty Sky: The Plight of the Passenger Pigeon

How does a species that was once so important disappear completely from the hearts and minds of those whose ancestors witnessed this spectacle? And maybe most importantly, how do we prevent something like this from happening again?

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The right side of a wood thrush perched upright on a rock.

The Forest Flautist: the Wood Thrush

Have you ever heard the flutey call of the wood thrush? These interior forest specialists are commonly found in our eastern forests, but they are vulnerable to habitat changes, like fragmentation, invasive plant infiltration, and herbivory in the forest understory.

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Thank You for a Great 2024 Treelay!

Thank you to everyone who made the 2024 Volunteer Tree Planting Relay (Treelay) possible! Over the course of 24 hours, Alliance staff, partners, and 213 dedicated volunteers planted 4,200 trees in Pennsylvania and Maryland. That’s one tree every 21.6 seconds!

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A garden in front of house

How you can help change the perception of a “messy” yard

A recent news story involved a homeowner along the Elizabeth River whose next door neighbor hadn’t cut or trimmed the vegetation in his yard in over four years. This colorful local dispute gets to the heart of a perception issue that is critical to the future of the Chesapeake Bay and its wildlife.

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Below the Surface of Monitoring: Water Temperature

Welcome to Below the Surface of Monitoring, a four-part series in which we will dive deep into the nuances of the Alliance’s Water Quality Monitor program.

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D.C. environmentalist shares her biggest takeaways from chairing the Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee

We sat down with Julie Lawson, chair of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee to ask about her experience serving on the Committee as well as some of her thoughts on the Chesapeake Bay Program at large.

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A group of volunteers pose behind several bags of trash on a trail at Crooked Branch Ravine Park.

Project Clean Stream Kick Off Events Remove 1,940 Pounds of Trash from the Watershed!

The Alliance kicked off yet another year of Project Clean Stream. So far, we’ve held 23 events and collected over 6,500 pounds of trash from the Chesapeake Bay watershed!

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A grassy field with small flags showing where young saplings should be planted at a spring tree planting on a poultry farm in Pennsylvania.

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay & Perdue Farms partner to celebrate Earth Day by planting hundreds of trees on PA Poultry Farm

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Alliance) and Perdue Farms (Perdue) celebrated the 54th Earth Day and their strong partnership by planting more than 300 trees on a family poultry farm in Quarryville, PA.

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Knowledge is Power; Know Your Flowers (Part 2) – Flower Parts

Remember our Inflorescence Story from this past March? Take another deep dive into flowers with us in Part 2 and learn more about flower anatomy.

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What’s poppin’? Phenological Fun: Lesser celandine

Have you found this invasive perenial wildflower yet? It’s currently poppin’, so be on the look out!

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