Dr. A,
I have had the pleasure of knowing you for eight years now, primarily from your service and work through the C4 (Climate Commitment Coordinating Committee), but also for other administrative reasons. You are a trustworthy co-worker that I know I can count on for taking charge of tasks. Not only have you continuously contributed in significant ways to achieving BSU’s goals in environmental sustainability, but you make it a point to add these causes to the academic sector by making sure your own classes are knowledgeable and active in sustainability education (i.e. the seminar discussions with the Alliance). I appreciate the fact that you will step in to volunteer your own service and lobby for your students to get involved in campus events and activities surrounding sustainability. You go above and beyond, and your leadership has helped BSU to become more active in the movement. In addition to all of that, we hail from the same era, and the same area (central NC) and I enjoy our personal discussions and your relatability. You certainly deserve this award. Congratulations , congratulations!!

Jabari Walker,
Sustainability & Energy Coordinator at Bowie State University