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RiverSmart Maintenance Assistance Program

Providing Free Assistance to RiverSmart Homeowners

The RiverSmart Maintenance Assistance Program assists property owners with the maintenance of their installed RiverSmart rain gardens and BayScapes.

Virtual Service Center

The program offers free advice through the Maintenance Assistance Program Virtual Service Center in three simple steps:

Submit a Question

  • First, submit a question through the link above. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the issue with which you would like help, including photos of the issue whenever possible.
  • Second, a Program team member will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days. For more complex issues, we may have additional questions for you or ask for photos to assist in finding a solution.
  • Third, after your issue has been resolved, we will ask for feedback about your experience and how you utilized the maintenance advice and resources offered through a brief online survey. Your experience and opinions are critical to helping us improve the program and sustain funding.

“The RiverSmart Maintenance Assistance Team is fantastic! They were so helpful in the email correspondence and phone. They were very responsive and accommodated my tricky schedule with an infant. They provided great information and guidance for a way forward to fix our rain garden.”

– Jaime A., Homeowner, Ward 4


If your inquiry cannot be addressed through the Virtual Service Center, you may be eligible for a free inspection by a Maintenance Assistance team member. A limited number of free inspections are available for rain gardens only. Please contact the team to see if you are eligible for a free inspection.

During the inspection, a team member will evaluate your existing gardens and offer maintenance recommendations that can be completed as a DIY project or through a hired contractor. Some rain garden maintenance may qualify for the Cost-share Maintenance Services (below).

Self-inspections can be completed through the completion of this form. (Coming Soon!)

Cost-Share Maintenance Services

A cost-share maintenance services option is available for qualified rain gardens on a first-come, first-served basis. An inspection, either completed by a Maintenance Assistance team member or through a self-inspection, is required to submit a Cost-share Maintenance Services application. (Coming Soon!)

For additional maintenance assistance, see the Resources section below or get in touch with us directly: or (443) 449-8230

Additional Maintenance Resources

The RiverSmart Maintenance Program has developed a number of maintenance guides with instructions for garden and plant care. Check back regularly for updates to this information.

Whether you are replacing native plants in a rain garden or BayScape, it is important to have the right plant in the right place. Native plant lists are based on selections that have been successful in RiverSmart gardens and include information on the best plants for specific locations in your garden, bloom color and season, and the habitat provided by specific plants for birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

If you need the help of a professional landscaper for on-site maintenance work, the Maintenance Assistance team has compiled a list of qualified maintenance contractors who are familiar with RiverSmart gardens. The 2020 RiverSmart Maintenance team is not directly involved with the delivery of on-site maintenance services, the list is simply another resource available to you through the program. Interested homeowners should contact these contractors directly to find out about pricing and availability. Typical maintenance work includes invasive weed removal, mulching, pruning, correcting rain garden issues, planting, thinning, and transplanting.

Contact Us for Questions about RiverSmart Maintenance or (443) 499-8230

Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program