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Learn about Stormwater Practice Maintenance

The Stormwater Maintenance Resource Center compiles the most useful resources to assist residential property owners with the maintenance of their installed stormwater practices. We welcome you to explore these resources and submit your maintenance questions using our Ask An Expert feature. You’ll also learn about other resources available to help support you in your stormwater practice maintenance journey!

Why is Maintenance important?

Installation of stormwater practices, or green infrastructure, combats pollution, erosion, and loss of habitat caused by stormwater runoff in a way that mimics the natural environment. Vegetative practices help to provide shade and reduce impervious surface to decrease temperatures and urban heat island effect that contributes to global warming. Regular maintenance of your stormwater practices keeps them working properly to handle the stormwater as they were designed to do, which helps keep our local waterways clean!

Climate Resiliency

Your actions make a difference!

Climate resilience is the ability to prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate change while preventing them from getting worse. Property owners can help to address the impacts of climate through installation of stormwater practices. Planting trees and other vegetation or installing green roofs helps to reduce urban heat island effect. Rain gardens, conservation landscaping, rain barrels, and permeable pavement help to reduce stormwater runoff to lessen flooding.

By implementing small practices at a local level, we work together to achieve a larger impact!

Let’s Help Maintain Your Stormwater Practices

Well-maintained stormwater practices help to combat stormwater and climate change issues (including pollution, and erosion, and global warming) while beautifying your community!

Explore the following stormwater maintenance resources to take action to keep your stormwater practices in good working order. The Alliance partnered with Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council, who consulted with top Chesapeake stormwater professionals, to review and select the most appropriate and valuable resources. Check out these resources, sorted by category, below.


Stormwater Management Resources

Stormwater Practices Resources

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Regional Incentive Program Resources (Anacostia Watershed)

Storm drain in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Stormwater Maintenance Resources for the Anacostia Community

Residents of the Anacostia Watershed (including parts of Montgomery County, MD, Prince George’s County, MD and Washington, DC) are eligible to receive additional support through the Maintaining Stormwater Practices in the Anacostia Watershed pilot project. The following resources are provided through a small watershed grant funded by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.


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INSPECTIONS   Property owners may request site inspections and will receive a written assessment, including stormwater practice maintenance recommendations.


COST-SHARE MAINTENANCE SERVICE   Property owners may apply for a one-time cost-share maintenance service, covering up to 50% of the maintenance costs (maximum of $750), learning proper maintenance techniques to confidently maintain their stormwater practices.

GREEN AMBASSADORS PROGRAM (GAP)   This neighborhood volunteer program will motivate neighbors to support each other with stormwater practice maintenance on a community level. GAP will provide educational opportunities to homeowners to learn more about caring for their stormwater practices, support homeowners unable to care for their projects, help homeowners without paying a contractor, and connect homeowners in need of shared tools or materials.

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