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Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership

Dairy Farmers for Conservation

The Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership sparked from ideas discussed at a Businesses for the Bay Forum in 2016, and is a collaborative effort coordinated by the Alliance, in partnership with Turkey Hill, and Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA). Through the Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership, Turkey Hill will take momentous strides towards cleaning up local water quality in the Lancaster area by providing incentives for local dairy farmers to use a conservation plan on their property.

Turkey Hill Dairy receives its milk from about 160 MDVA farms all within a 50-mile radius of their manufacturing facility in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. As part of their 2018 contract with MDVA, Turkey Hill has asked that all producers receive a conservation plan and reach 100 percent environmental compliance through implementing on-the-ground conservation practices.

These practices include animal waste storage systems, riparian forest buffers, cover crops, barnyard stabilization, and more. Once all of MDVA’s member farms supplying milk to Turkey Hill Dairy are in compliance, Turkey Hill will pay the farmers a premium for their milk.

The goal of the Partnership is to restore the health of Lancaster’s waterways and encourage other businesses to create environmental change with a nonprofit partner. Reducing the amount of nutrients and sediment flowing from farms and into local waterways not only improves stream health locally, but it also helps restore the health of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay.

Overall, the THCWP hopes to demonstrate how cross-sector partnerships have the ability to accelerate local restoration efforts.

Partnership Goals

  • To install targeted agricultural BMPs to achieve local water quality and Bay goals of all farms serving Turkey Hill, MDVA;
  • To implement a model to be built and broadcasted for replication within agricultural industry and beyond
  • To create a standard of conservation adopted into the culture of Chesapeake Bay agricultural industry.

Our Impact

The partnership continues to help the approximately 230 Turkey Hill producers to accomplish their conservation goals. Previous funding from NRCS and the NFWF has funded the implementation of numerous best management practices (BMP).

To June 2020, the THCWP has provided 75% cost-share for the implementation of:


conservation and nutrient management plans


manure storage facilities


heavy use area protections


barnyard stabilization

The THCWP has worked closely with different partners and federal and state conservation programs that all together have leveraged over $2 million in matching. This funding has helped TH producers to complete several conservation projects in addition to the ones that the partnership has funded.

In The News

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