Drew Siglin

Drew Siglin

Drew Siglin

Chief Operating Officer

Maryland Office


(443) 949 0575

Drew has served as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer since March 2020. In this role he provides oversight to the Alliance’s four program areas, guides efforts in relation to implementation of the strategic plan, leads internal operations, and provides support for short- and long-term financial planning.

Drew started his work at the Alliance in March 2013, working on a diverse set of projects related to stormwater and green infrastructure, forest buffer and urban tree plantings, engagement of numerous community stakeholder groups, and leading our first efforts to partner with the agricultural community in Lancaster County as the Pennsylvania Program Manager. Later, Drew worked part-time as the Alliance’s Grants Manager for over 3 years, partnering with nearly all staff on the financial and administrative work of well over 100 projects during that time frame.

Drew worked as a Planner for the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection Planning Council from February 2016 to February 2020, working with local government officials and planners to elevate the environmental standards of their local ordinances. He also coordinated the agency’s land preservation programs, leading the preservation of nearly 5,000 acres of environmentally sensitive lands in the Highlands Region.

Drew is an avid lover of the outdoors, and loves to spend time in nature and especially on the water.

Drew holds his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Planning and Design from Rutgers University, his Master of Science in Landscape Architecture and Watershed Stewardship from Penn State University, and certificates in Executive Leadership and Business from both Rutgers Business School and Cornell University.