Patti Bohnsack

Patti Bohnsack

Patti Bohnsack

Capacity Building Projects Assistant

Maryland Office


Patti holds a degree from Purdue University in education and decades of experience from the “school of life” in event planning. Before joining the Alliance, Patti dedicated herself to working with children, from serving as Director of a preschool for homeless children in Indianapolis, to Executive Director at Kidscommons Children’s Museum in Columbus, IN, to a Tutor and Curriculum Writer at Laramie County Schools in Cheyenne, WY. She was also the Director of Special Events for the Fort Walton Beach, FL Chamber of Commerce.

Patti has moved around the United States and Korea with her Air Force husband, Rob, and their son Ryan. The family enjoyed calling Annapolis their home for three years until a recent move took them to Vandenberg, California.

Patti joined the Alliance in 2019 as the Local Government Initiative Assistant with the LGAC team. While with LGAC, she handled the logistics of Peer 2 Peer (P2P) bus tours in VA, MD, and PA. The P2P bus tours take elected officials from one part of the watershed to another to build relationships across the watershed and increase local officials’ commitment to undertaking actions that protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Patti recently shifted to the Capacity Building Initiative team focusing on the Chesapeake Watershed Forum and supporting staff with logistical elements of all forum plus events.

As a water sports enthusiast, Patti enjoys living around and exploring any bay – east coast or west!