This past fall, we launched a campaign to encourage people like you to take small steps to reduce the impact their yards and houses have on local waterways. Through an online contest we chose two properties to “crash” and install Bay-friendly landscaping. We had a great time getting our hands dirty! At one house, we planted a pollinator garden and installed a rain barrel that will collect rain water from the roof of the house. This water can then be used in between rain events to help water the pollinator garden. We planted native plants such as swamp milkweed, black eyed susans, and beebalm. At the second house, the backyard sloped away from the house toward the alleyway and street. So we installed a rain garden that was sized and located to capture the rainwater runoff from the roof and the backyard. A giant hole was dug to replace the hard clay soils with a soil mix that will help soak up the water. We planted natives which will uptake the water and filter out the excess nutrients.[youtube id=”dxqXOynVmcs” width=”600″ height=”350″ ]Visit the Runoff Busters video page to see the complete makeovers and learn more about rain gardens, rain barrels, and more! Let’s bust that runoff!