Hurry…transform your concrete parking pad or patio into usable, livable, permeable green or grey space, and get your free permeable pavers today! DC homeowner yard being fitted with environmentally friendly pervious pavers.The deadline for the Bloomingdale Rebate Program is quickly approaching. All projects must be completed by September 21, 2015. That means starting the process now!! If you currently have impervious surface and live in the Bloomingdale Watershed of Washington DC (check this map), or know someone who does, act FAST!Homeowner benefits include:

  • $10/square foot (s.f.) rebate for pervious pavers replacing impervious surface
  • $5/s.f. rebate for vegetation replacing impervious surface
  • Free pervious pavers (valued at $5/s.f.)

Neighborhood benefits include:

  • Reduction of flooded basements in an area historically at high risk for flooding
  • Decrease in potential mosquito habitats
  • Increase in usable, livable, social outdoor space for friend, family, and community gatherings

Chesapeake Bay Watershed benefits include:

  • Reduction of stormwater runoff carrying harmful pollutants into the Bay and its tributaries
  • Increase in potential bio-diversity and pollinator habitats
  • Expansion of community awareness, conversation, and participation in Chesapeake-wide challenges and solutions

More information is available at:

Please contact Sarah Davidson with questions at: or 202-817-9672.