[imageframe link=”https://www.allianceforthebay.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/2013-Alliance_Mid-Year-Appeal_WEB.pdf” ] Before and after shots of an impervious paver removal through RiverSmart HomesWhat does clean water mean to you? Swimming and boating in a river or the Bay, catching that first fish with your child, or just taking a walk along a stream and breathing in the freshness that comes with clean flowing water. It is experiences like these that define clean water for most of us.

A strong catalyst for clean water is local action. People care for what they know and love, and amazing things can happen when they get involved. Many of the 17 million citizens of our watershed don’t understand their connection to local streams.

Your support is important!
We need to raise $50,000 by the Fall of 2013 to support the work of Project Clean Stream throughout the Chesapeake Bay region for next year. Our goal is to expand the involvement of businesses, schools and homeowner associations; this is only possible with your help. Every dollar you give in response to this appeal will be committed to connecting people to their local rivers through Project Clean Stream, making a lasting impact on the Bay and peoples’ lives.