[imageframe class=”acb-img-float-right” ] On November 8, the 2014 VCWQ Annual Summit brought together 60 attendees to focus on successful programs and projects to help clean Virginia’s waterways.

One highlight of the summit was a presentation on a new approach to denitrification by two Freeman High School students, Colin Fenster and Jack Lohmann. Their novel multi-stage denitrification system has won them several awards and the praise of attendees at the summit.[one_full margin_top=”10px” class=”dv-p-text blockquote” ]One of the best things about this summit was that it addressed actions that are being taken or can be taken, so instead of the usual dismal feeling I get on environmental issues, this one gave me some hope.

— Summit Attendee

Other topics included the Virginia Conservation Assistance Program, using report cards to encourage action, and a tour of greening practices on Randolph Macon College’s campus.

To view presentations from the meeting, visit vcwq.wordpress.com/meetings.