Now that my time as the DC Graphic Design Intern for the Alliance is coming to its close, I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single minute of it. I started in July earlier this year, and I was actually a pretty nervous wreck, but when I came in for the orientation at the Annapolis office, everybody there made me feel like I was already a part of the team. I will always cherish that. I enjoyed learning more about the Alliance and all their projects. My team was kind enough to show me around Annapolis and took me to several spots where they are working to renovate the area to protect our bay!

The projects that I had the privilege to be a part of were even more exciting. My first project was creating a sub-watershed map of DC – something that would display the Rock Creek, Potomac, and Anacostia sub-watersheds. This was fun for me because I grew up in the DMV area, and getting the opportunity to design a map of an area that I essentially grew up around with humbling. I was also tasked with designing a map for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed that would display to our community what states are a part of our bay’s watershed. I have to say, I learned quite a bit about our bay when I worked on this map. I honestly thought that our bay could only affect the DMV area. Boy was I wrong! The Chesapeake Bay Watershed actually affects the DMV, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and even New York! I’m so glad I got to make this map because now I know more about our bay, and now our community will too!

I think my absolute favorite project was the stormwater infographic. For this infographic, the Alliance wanted an attractive graphic to include in their flyers, documents, and educational guides to show types of stormwater runoff DC residents could encounter. The infographic shows a typical DC neighborhood with classic row homes, alleyways, sidewalks, etc. I know all too well about the neighborhoods in DC because my mom’s side of the family were born and raised there, and I enjoyed spending time at my grandparent’s house in DC. I always loved the architecture of the rowhomes, so I knew I was going to put my heart and soul into this. I drew rowhomes and all of their windows, stairs, pets, and cars; everything that you would see if you were strolling down the neighborhoods of DC. Some other projects I was a part of include: refreshing the Chesapeake Collective logo, creating flyers and maps for a RiverSmart Homes Walking Tour to take place in spring 2019, and a comprehensive RiverSmart Landscaping Homeowner Guide.

Being an intern for the Alliance wasn’t all work though! I was welcomed to dozens of events, and I’m still bummed that I couldn’t go to all of them!  The Alliance held a super fun Halloween Costume Contest! The DC team was “The Witches of Washington: DC Coven,”and I had an absolute blast getting witchy! There are so many events; I can’t keep track of them all! I really had an absolute blast interning for the Alliance. I honestly do not want it to end. I love the staff, and all the hard work they have put forth for the Chesapeake Bay. I love every single thing that I have done for the DC office, and I really hope that I get to continue my environmental impact with them.