COVID-19 has impacted every part of our society, underscoring the importance of the work that many non-profits do in service to the environment, efforts to reduce hunger and end homelessness, provide health services, and other critical activities. The Alliance believes in service to our non-profit movement, and that includes all of our frontline non-profit friends across different issue areas.

As the Alliance has been thinking about our place in the rebuilding of so many of our societal systems, we feel strongly that supporting and giving back to our fellow non-profits is one way we can do our part. The internet has so many resources available, and I wanted to share something one of our Board Members, Matt McGehrin, shared on his LinkedIn page. The article, “Giving Back in A Changed World” was authored by his employer, Merrill Lynch.

This article reminds me that while we’re feeling the short-term impacts of COVID now, there are future impacts that will continue to challenge our existing systems and infrastructure, and certainly our non-profit community. Whether you’re looking to give to an organization now, or looking at your legacy and long-term impact, this article provides initial information to help answer your questions.

We are all in this together, and as non-profits continue to be at the center of solving some of our most challenging problems, we will need to continue to find ways to ensure financial sustainability of our community of important social and environmental service providers. We encourage your next step to be to talk to your financial advisor on what makes the most sense for your personal situation and interest-areas. From the non-profit community, thank you for all you do for us!

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