Here are five ways to appreciate the outdoors from inside!

1.Wildlife Watching: Look out your window!  

The spring is a wonderful time to look out your window and admire the wildlife. Animals are coming out of hibernation and feeling active. Birds are probably waking you up in the morning with their chirps or you hear your neighborhood squirrel running across branches. While everything is feeling slower pace, I encourage you to take time and enjoy these moments. The other day my friend texted me, “I’ve seen a hawk, two little brown sparrows, and two baby foxes!” We may be stuck inside, but these guys aren’t! 

2. Watch a Wild & Scenic Film

Watch a Wild & Scenic Film! During this crazy time, Wild & Scenic is graciously sharing some of their films. These short inspirational films will have you feeling like you’re right out there rock climbing, hiking, and learning alongside some of the amazing people featured in these heartwarming films. Make sure to check back again because Wild & Scenic is adding more films periodically.  

3. Wildlife Cams

Check out Chesapeake Conservany’s bird cams; including a Peregrine Falcon, Osprey, and a Great Blue Heron Camera. This is a great way to check up on some of your favorite Chesapeake region birds. 

4. Virtual tour of National Parks

National parks may be closed to the public, but you can now watch virtual tours! Some parks included are Crater Lake National Park, Virgin Islands National Park, and Yellowstone National Park!

5. Bring Plants Inside 

Since we have to spend a majority of our days inside, we all probably need a little more greenery in our lives. Indoor plants help bring a little of nature into your home and give you something living to appreciate. Especially if you don’t have a backyard, this is a great way to appreciate a part of the outdoors from inside.