We couldn’t find any information about why this day takes place on Sept 7th. It seems like just another one of those made up holidays. But, do beer lovers really need a reason to celebrate?

For the past several years, the Alliance has had the privilege to partner with several breweries across the watershed and we’ve come to realize the importance of clean water for brewers!

Good tasting beer needs clean water! Breweries rely on local water sources and often choose their locations based on the quality of the water in that area. This is why brewers rally behind protecting and restoring our rivers and streams!

Since National Beer Lover’s Day falls on Labor Day this year (a three day weekend for many) you have our permission to participate and celebrate all weekend long! We encourage you to support any of the following amazing local breweries that have gone out of their way to support the Alliance in the past.

Go pick up a 6-pack (or a case!) and be sure to thank these generous breweries for all they do in supporting nonprofits like the Alliance in their communities.




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