Do you live in or around the City of Lancaster, PA and have an interest in native plants and supporting pollinators? If so, you can sign up to receive a “Bee Better” kit that helps you increase local biodiversity, support pollinators, improve natural habitats, and learn more about other ways you can help!

The “Bee Better” kit is FREE and includes:

  • 14 native plants (2 plants from 7 different species)
  • A bee “hotel”
  • Resources about native plants and pollinators
  • Some Alliance goodies!

Kits are limited, so sign up below for a time slot. There will also be a bonus option to join a Facebook group with other participants. This will be a place to share photos of your native plantings, ask questions, share resources, and more!

WHEN:  Timeslots for pickup are available from 9am to 1:30pm on June 26, 2021

WHERE: Pick up your kit at the Lancaster County Environmental Center.

QUESTIONS? Email Rebecca Lauver at

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