2022 Volunteer Tree Planting Relay

24 Hours of Volunteering for our forests, for our streams, for our future

What started as a pre-pandemic, “wishful thinking” idea is now coming to fruition. On October 28th through October 29th, the Alliance embarked on a 24-hour tree-planting adventure.

Thank You to the 170 Volunteers Who Helped Plant 3,000 Trees in 24 Hours!

For decades, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has engaged communities in watershed conservation via volunteer tree plantings.

Not only do volunteer tree plantings help accomplish important work and increase awareness about watershed issues, but they also empower communities to take action and can cascade into more locally-led stewardship. This is why we’re on a mission to get as many community members outside as possible.

24-Hour Volunteer Tree Planting Relay a.k.a. Treelay

Every year, the Alliance engages communities, companies, and conservationists to plant thousands of trees in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We’ve been looking for a big, bold way to celebrate the fantastic tree planting efforts of our volunteers. Hence, The 24-Hour Volunteer Tree Planting Relay also known as Treelay for short. Treelay is a series of volunteer tree plantings scheduled back-to-back over a 24-hour period (hence the relay).

The Alliance’s 2022 Treelay is in its inaugural year, and we kicked things off with a bang! We held nearly 10, round-the-clock plantings throughout the watershed: 6 plantings around the clock in Pennsylvania, and one planting each hosted by our teams in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Treelay Takes Root and Spreads the Word


Ryan Davis, Senior Forests Projects Manager at the Alliance, chats with Kay Wood, the host of the Planet Philadelphia podcast, about Treelay and, of course, the overall importance of planting trees in our communities.

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Volunteers in Lancaster County, PA, plant streamside trees during a 2–6 a.m. shift in the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s 24-hour tree relay or “Treelay” event on Oct. 28–29, 2022 (Photo Credit: Ad Crable).

Ad Crable, staff writer at the Bay Journal, attended our 2 AM to 6 AM shift in Gap, Pennsylvania, and highlighted a few volunteers along the way.

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Thank You To Our 2022 Treelay Sponsors!

Have a business and want to support the Alliance and Treelay?

We are seeking sponsors to make this event as impactful, comfortable, family-friendly, and fun as possible! We hope you and your team will consider making an impact on this important goal by sponsoring Treelay and joining us to plant trees!

To learn more about Treelay sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at contact@allianceforthebay.org.

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