Adam Miller, Communications Director, captures Native Plants tips and tricks from Tyler Walston, Maryland Agriculture Projects Coordinator for Ask the Alliance 2022.


I often sit in amazement on our Staff calls when team members are sharing about their work in either Forest, Agriculture, Green Infrastructure, and Stewardship and Engagement. Last year, I saw the opportunity to also share their work (and my amazement) with you. So, in 2021 the Alliance kicked off its first webinar series called Breakfast on the Bay. Through this series, we united Alliance staff expertise and our partners’ experience to explore the impact we have on the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

As our staff continues to grow, our expertise does, too. This year, Alliance Staff shared their knowledge and passion for what you can do at home to both enjoy and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and you had the opportunity to Ask the Alliance. We shared topics ranging from tree identification to birding, to native plants. After completing 8 free sessions, the Alliance shared over 6 hours of information.

In case you missed a session or would like to share what you learned with your family and friends, you can find all the free session recordings below.


Trees at Home: Planting, Pruning, and Maintaining

Learn from Zach Carnegie how to plant, prune, and maintain your home’s trees.


Did you know bats benefit greatly from forest cover? Join James Kauffman to learn more about bats and how we benefit from them.



Native Plants at Home

What can you plant at home that will increase habitat and require less yard work? Native plants! Join Tyler Walston as he shares more about how he is transforming his yard.



Birding in the Watershed

Curious about what birds are flying around your local landscapes? Emily Broich will share how you can spot and identify birds in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.




Bees are all the buzz. Join Savanna Lightcap as she shares how you can identify bees, plant bee habitats, and rehome unwanted bees. Then, Brittany Smith will share her very own bee colony.



Managing Your Stormwater

Rain washes chemicals and fertilizers into our streams, rivers, and, ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. Learn from Carly Starobin as she shares foolproof ways you can manage your stormwater.



Identifying Trees in the Watershed

Join Ryan Davis to learn how to identify numerous tree species in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.



How to Intervene Plastic Pollution

Learn from Lauren Sauder how to prevent thousands of pounds of trash from entering your waterways.



You can also click the link below to access a playlist of every session recording.


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Thank you to everyone who joined us for a session this year! I look forward to hosting more webinar series and sharing our Staff’s expertise and passion with you.

Are you interested in staying involved with the Alliance? Join us on October 28 for a 24-Hour Volunteer Tree Planting Relay also known as Treelay. Click here for more information.