We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to everyone who made the 2024 Volunteer Tree Planting Relay (Treelay) possible! Over the course of 24 hours, Alliance staff, partners, and 213 dedicated volunteers planted 4,200 trees in Pennsylvania and Maryland. That’s one tree every 21.6 seconds!

Your effort is now a part of the legacy working to improve the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. See some highlights of the 2024 Treelay below.

Two people preparing a tree seedling to plant

Volunteers kick off the first shift of the 2024 Treelay in Upper Oxford Township in Chester County, PA.

A person standing on a shovel, digging a hole.

Treelay is a family-friendly event! A lot of young participants we’re having fun.

A person with a headlamp plants a tree

There was no shortage of headlamps during the night shift in Elizabethtown, PA.

A person digging a hole, preparing to plant a tree seedling

Another volunteer in Elizabethtown prepares to plant another tree seedling.

A person demonstrating how to plant a tree at night time

Volunteers braved the 2 AM shift in Abbotstown, PA as well.

A person with a headlamp plants a tree seedling in a field

There were plenty of headlamps and dedicated volunteers at all of our night shifts!

A bucket full of sticks, used as live stakes

In addition to tree seedlings, live stakes were also planted at Wakefield Valley Park in Westminster, MD during the morning shift.

A Canada goose mid flight, against a white, cloudy sky.

Participants in Maryland were also able to enjoy the local wildlife, like this Canada goose, flying overhead.

A person smiling while planting a tree

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources joined us for a final shift at Big Elk Creek State Park in Landenberg, PA.

A child with a handful of flags used to mark tree planting locations

A young participant was a huge help, collecting our flags at Big Elk Creek State Park.

A very special thank you to Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association USA for joining us at every shift, and our sponsors for making this year’s Treelay a success! Join us next year.

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