///Assisting Local Governments

Assisting Local Governments

The goal of the Alliance’s Local Government Initiatives Team is to engage local governments within the Chesapeake Watershed by providing technical assistance, training and/or access to resources. This engagement will enable local governments to implement local conservation actions that protect or restore their watershed(s) and influence policy by providing forums for and facilitating dialogue among local officials.


The Alliance coordinates the work of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC). LGAC members consist of local elected officials from across the Watershed who have been appointed by their respective Governors or Mayor (in the case of the District of Columbia).

On behalf of the Chesapeake Bay Program, the Alliance coordinates the efforts of the Local Leadership Workgroup (LLWG), which is part of the “Enhancing Partnering, Leadership and Management Goal Implementation Team.” The LLWG  was established in 2014 after the signing of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.




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Jennifer Starr Director of Local Government Programs/LGAC Coordinator, Maryland Office

Jennifer is the Alliance's Director of Local Government Programs & LGAC Coordinator, where she manages our Local Government Programs and provides insight and feedback to the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) partners.

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Laura Cattell Noll Local Leadership Workgroup Coordinator, Pennsylvania Office

As a member of the Alliance’s Local Governments Team, Laura coordinates the work of the Local Leadership Workgroup within the Chesapeake Bay Program. She has more than a decade of experience managing and implementing community-based watershed restoration and stewardship projects across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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Ola Davis Local Government Assistant, Maryland Office

Ola is the Local Government Program’s Assistant. She provides administrative support to the Alliance's Local Government team and to the Local Government Advisory Committee within the Chesapeake Bay Program.

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Patti Bohnsack Administrative Assistant to the Local Government Team, Maryland Office

Patti Bohnsack serves as the part-time Administrative Assistant to the Local Government Team out of the Annapolis office.

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