Partnerships are all about collaboration but consensus has never been easy. Over its 30 year history, time and time again, the Chesapeake Bay Program has proven that when smart and dedicated people come together, face to face, with the intent of solving a problem, they will find something to move forward on together. Progress has never been fast enough, but some of what has been done is pretty remarkable. The last Chesapeake Bay Agreement was signed in 2000. It does not seem that long ago but it was a time of more consensus on issues and actions, less rancorous politics and economic good times. In 2013, finding common ground on tough issues is increasingly difficult. But the Bay and its rivers need federal, state and local government to work together and to actively bring business, non-profits and local citizens into the restoration effort.[imageframe link=”” ] The Alliance has been a key partner of the Chesapeake Bay Program for many years and has played a part in establishment of all past Bay agreements, especially in facilitating stakeholder outreach and engagement. Our mission is strongly rooted in the power of collaboration and partnership. Over the years the Alliance has worked closely with the Bay Program to provide a variety of services and to develop innovative programs in support of the restoration effort.

We support the development of a meaningful new Bay Agreement, one that can engage all jurisdictions in the watershed; recognize the potential of both voluntary and regulatory actions for improving water quality; energize action on a broad set of watershed goals that will improve living resources, land conservation and citizen stewardship; and recognize the need for strong local leadership.

See our full comments at Alliance Comments on New Bay Agreement July 10, 2013 (.pdf)