With the start of the new year, I believe in the philosophy that satisfaction and happiness come from expanding our individual circles of involvement and influence. The more things that we care about and participate in, the broader our world becomes. We can be proud of work that enhances the quality of our community and gives back to society as a whole. At the Alliance, we are continually reminded of our mission and our vision for the Chesapeake Bay – the purpose of our work. Clean water, local action, and inspired citizens engaged in the stewardship of the Bay, its rivers and creeks. We have incredible partners and we are working toward our vision with them on innovative and successful programs and projects.  This is where YOU can help!

We believe that the best results come from bringing together the energy and talents of a diversity of people and organizations who are committed to making a difference. Innovative and long-lasting solutions come from the ground up, through finding common solutions and inspiring collaborative action.The unique role of the Alliance is a partnership with you to restore your watershed. We want to help you make your world healthy and beautiful. That’s why we say: Together we can get the job done! Your membership in the Alliance will make a difference. It will build momentum in our Alliance programs. Everyone has a part to play in restoration. You have a chance to support our work in 3 vital ways:

  • Become a member of the Alliance on-line. Make a one time contribution or a recurring monthly donation of $20 or more to show support. Underscore the importance of our highlighted program-of-the-month.
  • Come out to volunteer for one of our projects in your community. Join us for a TreeBaltimore planting, a stormwater project at a local school or church, or work in your own backyard by using the Alliance REDUCE YOUR STORMWATER website… and join us to celebrate the Bay at our annual fundraising party, The Taste of the Chesapeake on September 18 in Annapolis.
  • Wear the Alliance Member sticker on your bicycle, computer or car to spread the word, to support our work, to move closer to our vision for the Chesapeake Bay.

Make 2014 the year that you join our Alliance and expand your sphere of involvement. Become an active member of the Alliance and share our vision of clean water for the Chesapeake Bay.

Follow us on our website and on social media. We also encourage you to email us a photo that represents your vision of clean water… or a challenge to clean water in the Bay. A photo that we can share with other supporters on our web site and on social media.

Whatever you do, be an active citizen steward of the environment. Be committed to clean water. Be a Member of the Alliance. We look forward to meeting you soon at one of our projects or events!