[title size=”3″ ]Become A Certified Master Watershed StewardThe Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy trains, supports, and empowers community leaders to serve as Master Watershed Stewards in the protection, restoration, and conservation of Howard County watersheds.

Join the Howard County WSA at one of their free upcoming information sessions in August & September to learn more about their Watershed Steward Certification course. Applications for the certification course are due no later than September 15, 2014. Attendance at one of the information sessions is required prior to completing an application.

Learn more about the Information Sessions on the flyer or at howardwsa.org.[imageframe link=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/HoCoWSA-Info-Session_Flyer.pdf” ] Why Are Watershed Stewards Needed?The Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy is a training program to empower residents to improve the water quality of local streams. Stewards become community leaders in reducing harmful effects of polluted stormwater running off into our streams.

The Academy provides Stewards knowledge and expertise from lecturers, training in using watershed assessment tools for analyzing stormwater runoff and hands-on experience installing a solution to a stormwater management problem. A consortium of experienced stormwater management practitioners will provide Stewards with on-going support for their community projects.