The Alliance announces the release of three RiverTrends volunteer water quality monitoring program publications. These reports focus on the status and importance of volunteer water quality monitoring while focusing in on small watersheds in Virginia.

If you would like hard copies of these reports, please send your mailing information and the amount requested to Anna Mathis at

25 Years of RiverTrendsn (.pdf)
The RiverTrends program celebrated 25 years of volunteer water quality monitoring in 2010. As part of this celebration, the Alliance has released “25 Years of RiverTrends”. The report contains information on: 1)the RiverTrends program; 2) various water quality parameters, pollution sources, and solutions; 3) the importance of citizen water quality monitoring; and 4) how you can get involved with volunteer water quality monitoring.

Totuskey Creek Report Card (.pdf)
One of the Alliance’s volunteers, Dayle Collins, has been monitoring four sites in the Totuskey Creek watershed for more than five years. The Alliance used this monitoring data to develop a report card that shows water quality trends in this tidal tributary of the Rappahannock River. The report card also identifies watershed friendly practices which you can implement to help protect water quality.[one_half ] Dissolved Oxygen and Water Clarity in the Lower James River (.pdf)
The RiverTrends program also has volunteers that monitor streams in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Two key water quality indicators: dissolved oxygen and water clarity are examined. Trends for this data on three tidal creeks were assessed and the potential contributions to reduced water quality were identified. The report contains information on what contributes to low dissolved oxygen and water clarity, and what you can do to help.

Find out more information about the volunteer water quality monitoring program: RiverTrends.