What does it take to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay? For three decades, the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership has done just that. Watch this video to learn more about the Bay Program’s work to collect scientific data, restore vital habitats, monitor iconic fisheries and study our environmental impacts, while sharing information and connecting communities with rivers and streams.

[vimeo id=”84050420″ width=”600″ height=”350″ ][/vimeo]This video highlights all the work being done throughout the Chesapeake bay watershed in celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Program.

Read our post on the 30th Anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Program.[separator style_type=”double” ] [three_fifth class=”acb-img-content-wrap dv-p-text blockquote” ]Partnerships are all about collaboration. Consensus has never been easy. But time and time again, the Chesapeake Bay Program has proven that when smart and dedicated people come together, face to face, with the intent of solving a problem, they will find something to move forward on together.[separator style_type=”double” ][vimeo id=”85483598″ width=”600″ height=”350″ ][/vimeo]Also, in response to the PSA above, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay & Chesapeake Bay Program staff went into DC to ask people what they think is being done to protect their local rivers and what things we should all be doing to help keep our water clean.