There are many summertime spots that have a special place in my heart along the Chesapeake Bay and throughout the watershed, however there is one place I think of in particular when I’m asked about my favorite summertime locations and yes, like any great location – it involves food. While my family doesn’t joke around when it comes to ice cream, we do have to laugh at the inconvenience of getting to our favorite ice cream spot. But we never complain because the journey to get there is almost as amazing as the ice cream itself.

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, there is a small town called Oxford. With a population of roughly 600 people, you can walk the entirety of town in under 30 minutes. The whole “downtown” area is on a peninsula, providing you a water view almost everywhere you look. There are a total of five restaurants, one tiki bar, one park, a marina, a yacht club, and the one and only “Oxford Museum.” While I emphasize the size of the town it is only to make it extremely clear how amazing it is that Oxford is home to Maryland’s best ice cream – The Scottish Highland Creamery.

But before I get into the history of The Scottish Highland Creamery, I would like to explain how one might get to Oxford.

You can get to Oxford by road by Route 50, however I prefer and highly suggest going by ferry from Bellevue, MD. The Oxford-Bellevue ferry was established in 1683 and is still going strong. Believed to be the nation’s oldest privately operated ferry service, it crosses the Tred Avon from Bellevue to Oxford. (FUN FACT: The Tred Avon is part of one of the five Oyster Sanctuaries in the Chesapeake Bay). While I haven’t ridden many ferries, the Bellevue-Oxford ferry is unique in its friendliness and character. When I was 15 years old, I rode my bike onto the ferry in hopes of  getting coffee Oreo ice cream on the other side and realized I forgot my wallet, the captain of the ferry said “Don’t worry about it,” and let me ride the ferry for free. “How did you buy the ice cream?” you might ask, they told me to pay them back next time I came. Oxford is a magical place.

The Scottish Highland Creamery was founded by Victor who grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. He found his passion for ice cream while living above an Italian ice cream parlor, where he began working at 15 years old. I don’t know when or how he ended up in the States, let alone Oxford, MD, but I’m so glad he did. You can find Victor wearing his Scottish kilt serving out of his portable cart at different festivals and parades around the Eastern Shore.

So yes, when I picture my favorite summertime location on the Chesapeake Bay, I picture this ice cream place. This is because it reminds me of so many of my favorite things; being on the water, ferry rides, bike rides, family,  friendly people, and of course delicious ice cream on a warm day.