Chessie the Sea Monster

Photo credit: US Fish & Wildlife Service

The spookiest creature you can find in the Chesapeake Bay is Chessie, the Chesapeake Bay sea monster! Chessie is a monster said to be spotted in the Chesapeake Bay, and is ranked as 8th by Animal Planet’s “Top Ten Scariest Sea Monsters”! Be prepared to terrify your friends and family with this bedazzled sea monster suit. Great for all ages!  

Blue Crab

(Photo by Steve Droter/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Spend your Halloween dressed as one of the most iconic Chesapeake Bay critters — a blue crab! With the crabbing season coming to an end, people will love the sight of you and your friends dressed up in all blue or red (depending if you’re a cooked or raw crab). Don’t forget to buy or make some claws, and to grab all your candy with a pinch!

Spotted Lanternfly

(Photo by Caitlyn Johnstone/Chesapeake Bay Program)

One of the newest horrifying creatures of the Chesapeake Bay region is the spotted lanternfly. “Kill it! Squash it, smash it…just get rid of it!” The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is urging everyone to get rid of the invasive, horrible, no good spotted lanternfly. This Halloween, dress up as the creature everyone is terrified of the most right now. Better yet, dress up with a whole group of your friends!

Diamondback Terrapin 

(Photo by Alicia Pimental/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Looking to dress up as something cute this Halloween? Try dressing up as the adorable diamondback terrapin! This costume idea will also a favorite for our University of Maryland fans out there. Don’t forget to cut out or draw diamond shapes for your shell! #goterps!

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

(Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

While you will have to be a bit more creative with this one, it is possible! You can get some inspiration by looking up people dressing up as the Golden Gate Bridge. This costume works best with two people so you both can be the bridge spokes and can attach string or cardboard between yourselves to make the bridge portion of the costume. There’s nothing scarier than Chesapeake Bay bridge traffic! 

Old Bay Seasoning

(Photo by Mike Mozart)

Old Bay seasoning is not only a beloved and popular Chesapeake condiment, but also a favorite costume choice. Sometimes partnered with someone dressed up as the blue crab, the Old Bay seasoning can is a great Maryland and Virginia themed Halloween costume. All you need is some paint,cardboard, and you’re set! 

Natty Boh & Utz

(Photo by Kristian Bjornard)

Looking for a great couples costume? Look no further! Mr. Boh and the Utz girl are the perfect Chesapeake Bay region costumes for you! National Bohemian was first brewed in Baltimore and remains a popular beer in the region. What’s better to pair with beer than chips? Utz chips based out of Hanover, PA are iconic to the Chesapeake! The official mascot of Utz chips is the Utz girl with rosy cheeks, a dark bob hair cut, and a big bow. 

Chesapeake Bay Mermaid 

The newest mythical creature of the Chesapeake Bay is the Chesapeake Mermaid! This is a great costume if you are looking for a less spooky mythical creature. While the Chesapeake Mermaid has been sighted at local festivals and events, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind people dressing up like her to raise awareness about the importance of volunteering to help contribute to a cleaner Bay.


(Photo by Dock Drumming)

Give people a fright with the threat of a sting this Halloween as a Chesapeake Bay jellyfish! All you need is an umbrella and streamers to make this costume work!


(Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Possibly the spookiest looking Chesapeake invasive is the snakehead fish! Snakeheads can live for up to four days on land — how spooky is that? Snakeheads have a toothy smile and snake like, wiggly body. You can get inspiration from other fish costumes on the internet.