On November 7th, Alliance staff were joined by employees from Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative and Turkey Hill Dairy to do what we do best — plant a riparian forest buffer! Riparian forest buffers are the trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that grows alongside streams, rivers, and other waterbodies. Riparian forest buffers are crucial for the health of the Chesapeake Bay. The planting took place on a Maryland & Virginia member’s farm in southern Lancaster County that supplies milk to Turkey Hill Dairy. It was also the first riparian forest buffer planted as part of the Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership. It was a great way to roll up our sleeves with the staff who we have been partnering with on this innovative project since 2017. The nearly 500 trees that we planted will complement several other agricultural best management practices that the farmer was able to implement with cost-share support from the Partnership. You can learn more about this innovative partnership here.