On Friday, March 6th, the Alliance partnered with the City of Richmond’s 5th District, the Richmond Tree Stewards, and Capital One volunteers to plant street trees in the Swansboro neighborhood on Richmond’s southside. In one morning, we were able to plant 30 street trees in a neighborhood that had none before! 

Planting trees in urban and suburban environments is important for many reasons. They reduce the amount of stormwater pollution running off roofs, driveways, lawns, and sidewalks entering waterways. Their root systems reduce erosion by keeping soil in place and their canopies capture and store rainwater. Trees provide important habitat for wildlife, as well as provide shade and improved air quality.

The Science Museum of Virginia recently conducted a heat island study of Richmond’s neighborhoods and this area of town was shown to be hotter than others due to the lack of tree canopy. By providing residents with 30 new trees, the Alliance is proud to provide stormwater and air quality improvements to Richmond’s southside. This project was made possible through funding from Altria Group, Inc. 

Visit Dr. Jeremy Hoffman’s website to learn more about Richmond’s urban heat island study.