With a new year comes new changes – and there are a few key changes on the Board of Directors as we start 2021.

For the last two years, Ginny Snead, from Williamsburg, VA, has served as the Chair of the Board, providing steady and forward-looking leadership which has enabled the organization to grow during her tenure. Under Ginny’s tenure, the Alliance adopted our most recent Strategic Plan, which has prioritized our programmatic efforts for the future ahead. Ginny has served on the Board since 2015, and will continue on as the Chair Emeritus in 2021. We are so very thankful to Ginny for her leadership!

Ginny Snead, standing on the left, helps present the 2018 Virginia Watershed Champion Award to Dr. Rev. Patricia Gould and the congregants of the Faith Baptist Church (Richmond, VA).

As Ginny moves into her new role, we are very excited to welcome Andrea (Andy) Field as our Board Chair for 2021-2022! Andy has been serving as the Chair Elect for the last year, and has learned the requirements of this role and expectations of the Board Chair. Since 2015, Andy has utilized her legal experience to help provide guidance and counsel to the Alliance as we chart new territories in programmation and operational growth. You can learn more about Andy in this 2020 Year of the Woman feature story here. The Alliance looks forward to continued growth and increasing impact for cleaner water under Andy’s tenure as Board Chair.

Left to Right: Andy Field, Board Chair, Kate Fritz, Chief Executive Officer, and Susan Johnson, Development Committee Co-Chair, Celebrating the opening of the Alliance’s DC Metro office in January 2020.

Incoming Board Members:

In November 2020, we welcomed Mark Williams of Luck Stone to the Board of Directors. Mark is no stranger to the Alliance, having been involved with us for many years, supporting the installation of stormwater projects in Richmond, VA, and sitting on the Businesses for the Bay Steering Committee. Mark is currently the Environmental Manager at Luck Stone Corporation, where he has worked for over 15 years. The Alliance is excited to welcome Mark to our Board of Directors!

Outgoing Board Members:

All good things must come to an end, and we want to thank Bill Gill for all of his hard work and dedication to Board service over the last 6 years! Bill also recently retired from Smithfield Foods, where he most recently served as the AVP of Environmental Affairs out of their Smithfield, Virginia office. As the Governance Chair of the Board for the last year, Bill has helped the organization improve processes and procedures regarding onboarding and cultivating prospective Board Members. We are thankful to Bill for his service, and wish him the best in retirement!