A few weeks ago, I found myself chasing our Pennsylvania Forests Projects Manager, Ryan Davis, around one of the Alliance’s riparian forest buffers. Ryan was busy sharing a wealth of knowledge about our forests during what we call a Tree Talk, and I had the unique pleasure of filming him as the demonstration was streamed to a live audience.

With nothing to do but film, keep up with Ryan, stay steady, and make sure the camera didn’t overheat in the sun, some of which I achieved, I was able to appreciate the detail and interconnected beauty of a thriving forest. The relationships between the different species, diverse types of habitat that they each thrive in, and multitude of benefits they bring to the landscape are remarkable.

The event was part of our signature live talk series, Breakfast On The Bay. If you missed the live event, I highly recommend that you check out the recording, but be careful! Like all of our staff at the Alliance, Ryan’s passion for healthy lands and waters is contagious. If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself caring for a yard full of young native plants after watching!

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