Our very own, Lou Etgen, Associate Director of Programs, departed today, August 20, on a two week sojourn from Havre De Grace to Cape Charles. This trip is in celebration of his 50th birthday and is a way for him to  reconnect with the resource and renew his commitment to the health of this great body of water, the Chesapeake Bay.

You can follow along on Lou’s trip by visiting his blog, where he’ll be posting stories, thoughts and photos throughout the trip.

Lou’s Sojourn will act as a fundraiser  to help protect the Chesapeake Bay and to honor two young friends that inspire people every day and are infinitely lucky to be born into families and a community that truly is helping to raise them.  You can visits his Support Page  to support two organizations that are at the premier of their respective fields: the  Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay  and  Autism Speaks.[one_half class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_half class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe class=”acb-sponsor-image” ]