Forests for the Bats, a Halloween takeover of the Alliance’s Forests for the Bay newsletter, is all about celebrating our Chesapeake forests and the peak of autumn, which is largely our favorite time to be in the woods. Whether or not you’re a Halloween nut, autumn’s inherent connection to the macabre is hard to dismiss. Leaves rot as they pile up on the forest floor, leaving skeletal remains of trees and the rich smell of wet decay. Nights grow long and days grow shadowier and colder. As we get closer to the edge of winter, it’s no wonder this time of year has a dual meaning for many cultures around the world: celebrating the harvest and noting that the life it will bring is also tied inextricably to death.

Bats are important members of our forest ecosystems and perform invaluable functions for humanity. Forests for the Bats invites you to learn more about these fascinating animals and their current conservation plights in addition to the other spooky members of our watershed’s forests, wetlands, and streams. Join us to learn about the creepy, crawly, ghoulish, and ghastly flora and fauna that make our watershed so special!

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